I’m Back! (Introducing Soren) {League City Baby Photography}

As much as I love my job, I consider myself extra lucky to have the benefit of taking a real maternity leave.  Mamas tend to not be allowed enough time after Baby and as much as I love what I do, this time is precious.  And that has never been more evident than when this more »

Baby Willoughby {League City Newborn Photography}


Little Miss Willoughby was my very last newborn in the studio this year and we ended on such a high note!  She is just gorgeous and so is her mama.

Baby Eli {League City Newborn Photographer}


Having had two nearly-ten-pounders myself, and both with tons of black hair, I have a sweet spot for the chunkers.  And baby Eli just stole my heart.  He was SO good to me too!  Slept like a little lump and let me do whatever I wanted.  So sweet and perfect.  

Baby Hayes, Brand New! {League City Newborn Photographer}

This little boy was utter perfection.  Perfect skin, sweet little pout, fuzzy red-brown hair…I loved him!  And he slept so sweetly for me too!

Norah, One Year Old! {League City Baby Photographer}


You’d never know it, but this sweet little piglet was not happy to see me!  Of course big sisters and (mostly) Sloan were distracting her but she just wanted Mama.  Though cake did a lot to change that =P She is seriously gorgeous and it blows me away every time I see her how much more »

Baby Grant, 6 months! {League City Baby Photographer}

He was such a sweet happy boy, and pretty laid back.  I guess that’s learned from having two big sisters!  I LOVED this one.  Look at the face!  “HELP!” Hehehe

Laney, Nursing {League City Baby Photographer}

I love getting to watch these babies grow!  I’ve been photographing Laney since she was in her mama’s belly, and then again at her newborn session. She came back to see me today for a nursing session.  I have to say, these might just be my favorite kind, if I had to choose. 

Canvas or Album Upgrade, You Choose! {League City Newborn Photographer}

Nine years ago today, I changed and grew into something completely unique and yet somehow uniting me with so many around the world and throughout history. I transformed, shedding the old life of just “woman”, making the leap to “mother”. In honor of today being my first child’s (NINTH!) birthday, I’d like to extend a more »

Sweet Baby Savio {League City Baby Photographer}


Sweet little Savio is his mama’s perfect little Rainbow Baby.  I just love him.  He’s such a gentle soul.  So happy and content.   Little Angel <3

Miss Zophia {League City Baby Photographer}


I got to visit with sweet miss Zophia again this weekend.  Her milestone session happened to coincide with my holiday minis so we did both! This is one busy little lady with a ton of personality.  She makes us all sweat and chase after her, she’s got things to do!  But her little face and more »

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