“Night Before” Mini Sessions! {League City Baby Photographer}

I have had this set up in rolling around in my head for nearly a year.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I have a few spaces availible so go grab those sweet Christmas themed jammies, a special family heirloom ornament or your “Night Before Christmas” storybook and let’s capture the essence of the innocence of childhood. more »

Emily’s Six Months! {League City Baby Photographer}

This sweet girl is growing too fast!  Slow down Baby Girl (and Big Brother <3)

S Family {League City Family Photographer}

Three Christmases ago I told my aunt that I would give her an image of her entire family if she could get everyone together.  Well, when she found out that she’d be undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time and losing all of her hair I decided we had waited long enough!  I gathered everyone (NOT more »

Serenity {League City Baby Photographer}

Here’s Serenity (LOVE her name!) is eight weeks old.  Yep, all that hair and only eight weeks old!  She was full of smiles for me! I just love this next one with her mama <3 And this little outtake is just TOO funny not to share!

Meg and her boys {League City Family Photographer}

Don’t my babies have some cute cousins?  And they sure do love their Mama!   So often we as moms let months or even YEARS go by without stepping out from behind the camera.  We’re always with ones capturing those little moments of the kiddos, but they need memories of you too!  So please, don’t more »

Emma {League City Baby Photographer}

Remember baby Emmalyn?   Well she’s fattened right up into a beautiful little smiley chunk!  How fun is she?!   I had a blast with her, mama!  Thanks for letting me spend the morning with her <3  

A Family {League City Family Photographer-On Location in Hawaii}

This mama is one of those kinds of people who just radiate happiness and positive energy.  That, and she goes out of her way (even on moving day when all of her household goods just showed up!) to help you out.  I love her, she’s just “good people” to have   Her little boys are more »

27/52 Kaden and Malley

I had the pleasure of photographing these two siblings. I LOVE their sweet little red heads! Big Brother needs to model for sure! Sweet smiles from a precious girl She obviously adores him!

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