BIRTH Fair {League City Baby Photographer}

Did you know that this coming Saturday is the 12th Annual B.I.R.T.H. Fair?  (Learn more here) Make sure you stop by the Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education (BABE) table and enter to win a Nursing Session from me!

Breastfeeding and Babywearing Mini Sessions!

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (the first week in August each year) I like to offer a set of mini sessions for nursing and babywearing mamas! Why are nursing portraits so important?  Well, I know for me it was such a huge part of my babies’ and toddlers’ lives.  Its so much more than more »

Sabrina {League City Children’s Photographer-On Location in Hawaii}

This little girl, whew!  I *almost* forgot what its like chasing a crazy, rambunctious one year old given that S is my little shadow.  I say almost because Aidan moved even more if that’s possible.  She wore me out and I loved every minute of chasing this adorable little ball fire around. Ugh, crazy-gorgeous isn’t more »

A Family {League City Family Photographer-On Location in Hawaii}

This mama is one of those kinds of people who just radiate happiness and positive energy.  That, and she goes out of her way (even on moving day when all of her household goods just showed up!) to help you out.  I love her, she’s just “good people” to have   Her little boys are more »

Gaskey Girls 50/52

Every time I talk myself out of needing a little girl, I get to do this for a day: And a little of this And then Big Sister, the cuteness factor is alarming! Having her Mama Milk

Alicia and Baby Jamie

From the minute I first saw Alicia I could tell right off that she was a dancer. She’s so graceful and beautiful! I just knew I needed to photograph her! Her husband and sweet baby girl tagged along and we got some sweet moments out of them

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