Lovely Mama-to-be {League City Maternity Photographer}

This beautiful mama had her original photographer go on maternity leave and her back up get the Flu!  When I heard her story and that she was near ready to have number three we made our best efforts to get this family photographed the next day!  I can;t promise that every time, and I really more »

Kim Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}


I absolutely can’t wait to meet this gorgeous couple’s baby girl.  They’re both lovely and that little bump is just perfection!

Akie Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}


This sweet mama is another girlfriend I hadn’t seen since my last trip out there.  I was blown away at how amazing one can look on her FOURTH baby.  I didn’t look that good the first time!  She has a gorgeous little baby GIRL (that Lisa just photographed, check her out here!) in that belly, more »

Kaela Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}


I hadn’t seen my friend K in a couple years, and she doesn’t share a lot of photos online.  I’ve never seen her pregnant (that’s what military life does to you =P) so I knew I was in for a treat on this trip to the island.  As soon as I saw her I was more »

Lovely Mama-To-Be {League City Maternity Photographer}


Perfect weather, perfect location, AMAZING and super sweet couple and perfectly gorgeous bump.  That makes me so happy.  I really do love what I do <3 I can’t wait to squeeze on that baby girl she’s got cookin’!

It’ll Cost You, One Way or Another

When I hear people talk about the high cost of custom portrait photography, or hear about how so-and-so has a really nice camera and will do it for free, I cringe.  I get it, it’s a lot of money.  It is.  We all work hard for what we have so why should we blow it more »

S Family/Baby Girl on the Way! {Clear Lake Maternity Photographer}

I have so much sympathy for mamas due in the summer.  It means you get to be huge and pregnant in 100 degree heat.  Its the worst!  But this mama did so well and Big Brother and Papa  hardly didn’t complain at all =P And this was the first time I’d attempted a shot like this. more »

Ms. L Maternity {Houston Maternity Photographer}

This mama is glowing!  Is was SO hot but she totally rocked this session!       Thanks for letting me capture this time for you two (three)!

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