Introducing Isabelle {League City Newborn Photographer}

Papa and I went to see our sweet friends and meet their little love, and the first thing I spotted was that head full of hair.  Mama asked me if my kids came out with eyes as blue as they are and we joked about how yes, my daughter may have eyes that rival the sky but hers has more hair than mine will in her lifetime =P Miss Izzie Rose was blessed with her mama’s mane as well as the rest of her good looks.




As she looked on with the adoration only a brand new mama does, I reminded her to hold this child.  Hold her often because this little butt fits just perfectly in her hand for oh such a short time. 


While we visited, her daddy kept looking over and beaming, “isn’t she precious?”…and my heart would explode into a million pieces.  Because, yes, she is the single most precious thing you will ever hold.  The most exquisite thing you will ever lay eyes on.  You will always be drunk on just the sight of her, just the smell of the top of her head.






As we walked out, the two of us with our last little bundle who is growing far too quickly, I couldn’t help but fly back to that day.  Each of the three times I laid eyes on the most precious thing on earth.

I have no doubt that these two will be amazing parents.  You don’t just love your children, you fall IN love with them.

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