I’m Back! (Introducing Soren) {League City Baby Photography}

As much as I love my job, I consider myself extra lucky to have the benefit of taking a real maternity leave.  Mamas tend to not be allowed enough time after Baby and as much as I love what I do, this time is precious.  And that has never been more evident than when this time coincides with a deployment.  Papa shipped out when Baby Girl was just three weeks old.  So this was more important and even more necessary.


This little girl was very much worked for.  Money, TIME, drugs and doctors, tears and wishes went into making her.  I always wanted a little girl.  I love being a Boy Mom, but I don’t have a sister and that left me feeling like a deserved a daughter.  The bittersweetness of her Mimi’s passing just before her arrival is the assurance that she was the SWEETEST gift from someone who knows JUST what that longing feels like.  We decided on Soren for her first name, which is Danish and actually a common boy’s name (I’ve never been one for anything trendy, gotta stay weird haha) and I loved Saige for a middle name but I KNEW I wanted her Mimi, Terri Lyn, to live on through her.  So Soren Saige Lyn has two middle names!  As soon as we passed the first trimester and could breathe a tiny sigh of relief I snapped a quick shot of my first baby shoes and the tieback I bought for her newborn session together and announced that we were, FINALLY, expecting our long-awaited baby GIRL.  My heart exploded and I still get emotional looking at it today.




Thankfully, I was handed the world’s easiest and smiliest baby.  Because solo-parenting three kids on top of the rest of life is HARD.  Hard on me, hard for him to have to leave us and hard for the littlest ones.  I cannot imagine how I would do this without Biggest Brother.  He’s had to take on a role much older than his age and he’s amazing me every day.  I had this first one in my mind long before she was on her her way.  Shockingly all three cooperated, because a newborn shoot with two siblings is hard NOT 6 days after a surgical birth.  After just having had her, these were exponentially more physically tiring.  (Which is why I booked my friend and the reason I ever picked up my first camera EVER months in advance.  And flew 4000 miles with a one month old…but I still wanted some of her really fresh.)





For nearly as long as I’ve known my friend Niki, she’s been creating the most beautiful little girls’ dresses and rompers.  Seriously, and I’m not kidding, she’s part of the reason I wanted a little girl.  It was almost physically painful to see her creations because I was aching to buy them for my own daughter.  I knew I’d do my part in keeping her in business if I ever had one!  So when she reached out and told me she was launching a line for baby girls and asked if Soren would model for her a wash of girly glee came over me and let me tell you, this just never stops being fun!  Here she is for SunLoveShirts (click on the link for Niki’s etsy shop! and show her some love!) Looking forward to our next shoot since she’s old enough to model the back without coming up with a face full of fuzz :-P



At four months old little miss was full of personality and goofy faces.  Such a wiggle worm, I’ve taken to calling her Wittle Wiggle because this girl is always on the move!  And of course, I get two boys born with heads full of black hair…and then my daughter is BALD!



At six months old I took her into the studio to play and I immediately sent this one to Papa with the caption, “But Daddy, I WANT it!” He is in so much trouble!  She’s almost seven months now, and he’s here on two weeks of R&R and our fears were correct.  He’s completely smitten and she’ll probably wake up to a pony on the porch for her first birthday =P



And one more of Wittle Wiggle reaching for the camera.  Goofy girl.  Don’t you love this gorgeous blanket her Auntie Kellie made for her?!  Its seriously amazing.  Soft and thick and perfect.  I want a big one on my bed!  She gave it to me at my shower and I think I slept with it that night.


Remember when I said I flew half way across the world for her actual newborn shoot?  Well there were a few I had in my head if I even got that little girl.  Another friend (Lisa, of Simply Baby Photography) that made me ache for a daughter (and also made me want to be a baby photographer) nailed her shoot.  I mean, NAILED it.  Babies are photographed at 5 days.  Not weeks.  They need to be curled up as if still in the womb, they need to still be in the newborn slumber.  We were both secretly terrified that this wouldn’t be easy since she came early and tickets were booked months before.  But, well, just look!


IMG_0883 copyblog


SO…there’s the reason for my long hiatus.  The BEST reason.  My perfect baby, my dream come true is finally here! But I’m so excited to jump right back in!  Lot’s of exciting changes ahead!

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