Fun Times Four! {Houston Newborn Photographer}

That’s right, QUADS!  When my friend told me she had a friend having quadruplet babies I all but stalked them both to get the opportunity most photographers will never have.   These babies have had quite a journey in their short little life and have fought hard to be fat and strong and healthy!  They are so blessed to be loved and adored by tons of family and friends (not to mention Big Sister).  Thank goodness because I know Mama and Papa are really thankful for the arsenal of help they’ve got at their disposal.

Born at 29 weeks and at just over 3 weeks old adjusted, they were a challenge to keep asleep.  I mean, one young, term baby is hard enough, but four!  We did it though, and thanks in HUGE part to the one and only Thereasa Gwinn of Thereasa Gwinn Photography.   She truly IS a baby whisperer!

And settling three squirmy babies at once LOL!  See?!  Baby Whisperer!

And three year old big sister!

What a huge blessing for these very tired parents =P I am so excited to watch them grow!

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