Ryan Family {League City Family Photographer}

Now I will freely admit to being a little nervous when it comes to photographing large families with a lot of little kids.  Especially lots of girls!  They can be moody and sometimes whiny if they don’t want to be there.  Cooperation is generally hard won.  Well, this session was just like any other with more »

Little Miss Zophia {League City Baby Photographer}

First off, this baby has the prettiest name right?  Not too weird that you can’t pronounce it but exotic enough that she won’t be one of four in her kindergarten class.  Those are my favorite kinds (and I have an Aidan, go figure =P)… And clearly, she’s as beautiful as her name.  Look at the more »

Baby Emily, 4 Months {League City Baby Photographer}

Miss Emily came to see me again, isn’t she precious?!  And her big brother, man, these kids are gorgeous!

Holden’s Birth

Now, I normally don’t broadcast the fact that I occasionally will shoot a birth, because with the frequency with which I’m forced to turn them down, I feel like its almost false advertizing =P It is hands down, my favorite thing to shoot.  I live on a high afterward for days, weeks even!  Its such more »

Baby Holden, 8 Days New {League City Newborn Photographer}

I got to see sweet Holden shoot out into the world just one week before he came in to the studio for his close-up.  I am so in love with his head full of blond hair, just like his big brother’s. Westin decided that terrorizing the cat was WAY more fun than sitting still for more »

Jeff and Zoe

I think I may have found a new favorite thing to photograph.  These two were not only so sweet with each other, but were an absolute joy to be around.  We had quite a lot against us; weather, our location having all of the trees raked to the ground (!) and having to speed to more »

Fortner Boys {League City Family Photographer}

Josh (middle) is my oldest’s “BFF” – their term 😉 These are some good lookin’ dudes!

Ketel Family {Houston Family Photographer}

This sweet couple needed something remember Devin’s time in the Coast Guard and I was super stoked when they asked me!  I’ve actually never photographed a man in uniform, it was so fun!  It was actually my first time shooting a dog too, and Diesel was perfect for me.  This family just about gave me more »

The C Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

The next time I’m asked the inevitable “what do we wear?!” questions…I’m directing to this post.  This family has killer style!  And these kids blew me away with how engaging and personable they were.  I was able to just relax and be my silly, kid-like self with them and they opened right up!  Especially Little more »

Its that time of year! {Friendswood Family Photographer}

These boys sure did give me a workout!  Luckily the weather was beautiful, aren’t they cute?!