Akie Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}


This sweet mama is another girlfriend I hadn’t seen since my last trip out there.  I was blown away at how amazing one can look on her FOURTH baby.  I didn’t look that good the first time!  She has a gorgeous little baby GIRL (that Lisa just photographed, check her out here!) in that belly, more »

Kaela Maternity {League City Maternity Photographer}


I hadn’t seen my friend K in a couple years, and she doesn’t share a lot of photos online.  I’ve never seen her pregnant (that’s what military life does to you =P) so I knew I was in for a treat on this trip to the island.  As soon as I saw her I was more »

Twin Cake Smash! {League City Baby photographer}


These little cuties came to me for their first birthday session.  I just love twins, it fascinates me to see how they each have their own unique and totally different personalities.  Baby girl Lennox (omg her name right?! perfection!) is the explorer and dare devil, while her brother Harrison (Mama calls him Harrison-Bear…so CUTE) is more »