September Canvas Special! {League City Newborn Photographer}


September is a special month to me.  I’ve always enjoyed having a September birthday, the weather is lovely and it isn’t too close to anything else (which usually ensures you won’t get forgotten on your special day).  So I was so glad when my littlest decided to come just nine days after my birthday, landing more »

Little Miss Zophia {League City Baby Photographer}

First off, this baby has the prettiest name right?  Not too weird that you can’t pronounce it but exotic enough that she won’t be one of four in her kindergarten class.  Those are my favorite kinds (and I have an Aidan, go figure =P)… And clearly, she’s as beautiful as her name.  Look at the more »

Emily’s Six Months! {League City Baby Photographer}

This sweet girl is growing too fast!  Slow down Baby Girl (and Big Brother <3)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! {Houston Breastfeeding Photographer}

  So many beautiful mamas and nurslings.  Thank you all so much for helping to pave the way for future mamas to mother their babies without grief from others.  Rock those “nursies” mamas!  Nurse unashamed and without fear.  Nurse to meet your babies’ needs.  Nurse to ensure a better tomorrow for all of us.  Thank more »