Baby Sophia, 11 Days {League City Newborn Photographer}

Miss Sophia gave me quite the workout!  This little lady puts the “D” in diva, but let me tell you, she was so worth it!  Look at that hair! The lips! The body fuzz!  Oh man, she was so perfect and looked gorgeous on every color and set-up I tried her on.   I can’t more »

Holden’s Birth

Now, I normally don’t broadcast the fact that I occasionally will shoot a birth, because with the frequency with which I’m forced to turn them down, I feel like its almost false advertizing =P It is hands down, my favorite thing to shoot.  I live on a high afterward for days, weeks even!  Its such more »

Baby Holden, 8 Days New {League City Newborn Photographer}

I got to see sweet Holden shoot out into the world just one week before he came in to the studio for his close-up.  I am so in love with his head full of blond hair, just like his big brother’s. Westin decided that terrorizing the cat was WAY more fun than sitting still for more »