Perkins Family {League City Family Photographer}

I shot baby Tristan’s newborn session so I was so excited to see him, LOVE when my families come back to me <3 They have the most beautiful family, I love everyone’s hypnotic dark eyes!  These kiddos were way too excited to be outside enjoying the relatively warm weather to sit still, I had to more »

Jeff and Zoe

I think I may have found a new favorite thing to photograph.  These two were not only so sweet with each other, but were an absolute joy to be around.  We had quite a lot against us; weather, our location having all of the trees raked to the ground (!) and having to speed to more »

Brand New Emily! {League City Newborn Photographer}

Whew, this girl.  Such a sweet chunk of love she was.  Slept like an angel and let me pose her to my heart’s content.  I had such fun with her <3   I can’t wait to snuggle her again!

It’ll Cost You, One Way or Another

When I hear people talk about the high cost of custom portrait photography, or hear about how so-and-so has a really nice camera and will do it for free, I cringe.  I get it, it’s a lot of money.  It is.  We all work hard for what we have so why should we blow it more »