Fortner Boys {League City Family Photographer}

Josh (middle) is my oldest’s “BFF” – their term ūüėČ These are some good lookin’ dudes!

The Schmid Family {League City Family Photographer}

I just love the way mama dressed everyone, and I like that she didn’t feel the obligation to go with traditional colors for the holidays. ¬†I mean, the scenery in this area is still green anyway! ¬†Don’t they look great?!

Ketel Family {Houston Family Photographer}

This sweet couple needed something remember Devin’s time in the Coast Guard and I was super stoked when they asked me! ¬†I’ve actually never photographed a man in uniform, it was so fun! ¬†It was actually my first time shooting a dog too, and Diesel was perfect for me. ¬†This family just about gave me more ¬Ľ

The C Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

The next time I’m asked the inevitable “what do we wear?!” questions…I’m directing to this post. ¬†This family has killer style! ¬†And these kids blew me away with how engaging and personable they were. ¬†I was able to just relax and be my silly, kid-like self with them and they opened right up! ¬†Especially Little more ¬Ľ

The McCords {League City Family Photographer}

Isn’t baby Lilly just the sweetest?! ¬†She wasn’t feeling all that smiley, but I always say that not smiling is better than super cranky! ¬†I think she did great!

Geren, Jeanice & Sachin

After this poor family fought hours of traffic to get to me, we had what I would consider one of my top three favorite sessions. ¬†This is one gorgeous family! ¬†And little Sachin was such a sweet, fat little chunk of love. ¬†He reminded me so much of my own baby boys when they were more ¬Ľ

Newborn baby C

I got to meet this sweet peanut on his 10th day of life. ¬†He was such a snuggly, little Mama’s boy. ¬†He only wanted her so we took LOTS of breaks and went with whatever he wanted, as it should be! =P He has the most beautiful skin and such perfect little lips!

Its that time of year! {Friendswood Family Photographer}

These boys sure did give me a workout! ¬†Luckily the weather was beautiful, aren’t they cute?!