Miss Paisley {League City Baby Photographer}


Paisley and her mama are seriously adorable, aren’t they?  And I love P’s name!  She is THE fattest baby ever, its SO cute! I just love the rolls!

Sweet Paige {League City Newborn Photographer}

Paige was so sweet and full of smiles for me!  After I while I decided her new nick name was going to be “The Princess and the Pea” because she was quite particular.  We rolled with it and did what she liked, which was to be wrapped up. She was just perfect!  

Sweet boys {League City Children’s Photographer}

My poor boys (and their cousins) are always the guinea pigs when I want to scout new locations.  Sometime the first try ends, well, not so well.  This sort went…both.  Ha!  They were tired and cranky and it was HOT, but we managed to snag the very few smiles (real or forced) they actually gave more »