S Family/Baby Girl on the Way! {Clear Lake Maternity Photographer}

I have so much sympathy for mamas due in the summer.  It means you get to be huge and pregnant in 100 degree heat.  Its the worst!  But this mama did so well and Big Brother and Papa  hardly didn’t complain at all =P And this was the first time I’d attempted a shot like this. more »

Fun Times Four! {Houston Newborn Photographer}

That’s right, QUADS!  When my friend told me she had a friend having quadruplet babies I all but stalked them both to get the opportunity most photographers will never have.   These babies have had quite a journey in their short little life and have fought hard to be fat and strong and healthy!  They more »

G Family {Clear Lake Family Photographer}

Little Miss L and Miss V modeled some headbands for me and then the next day I got to hang out with their whole family!  They were such troopers through the heat, even Dad didn’t pout or complain (they usually do no mater the weather, ha!). . These two make the prettiest babies! Smiles out more »

Miss Ary {League City Baby Photographer}

Look how big Ary is getting!  She came in for her tummy time session a little earlier than most at only 10 weeks old!  She is SO strong!  She rolled right over in the middle of our session!   Its apparently pretty taxing work! I love little sweet, sleeping baby heads <3

Perfect Maxon {League City Newborn Photographer}

Maxon has got to be one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen at just 6 days old.  His skin was flawless, he slept SO good for me and I just loved him.  I didn’t want him to go home! I wanted to hide him in my pocket!

Brand New Ruby! {League City Newborn Photographer}

I love my job!  I mean, look at this face! Could she be any more perfect?! Goodness, she sure is sweet, Mama!   And possibly my favorite set of sibling images EVER.  Are these not some gorgeous children?  IF I were going to have two babies back-to-back you can BET I’d only do it if more »

Ms. L Maternity {Houston Maternity Photographer}

This mama is glowing!  Is was SO hot but she totally rocked this session!       Thanks for letting me capture this time for you two (three)!