S Family {Houston Family Photographer}

Lane is four and his baby brother Logan is one!  Aren’t they a beautiful family?  

Sweetheart Mini-Sessions!

Mama, I know I’m cute but do you have to put me in the headbands?

Week 52/52

Here it is! This couldn’t have come at a better time, I love that this is the wrap-up post for the year. Recently Target employees and even guest relations representatives harassed and humiliated a mother trying to nurse her baby in their store. This is against the law and is just plain wrong. Mamas who more »

51/52 Sweet Sloan 15 months

This child is just TOO pretty to be a boy. He gets called a “she” everywhere, but I don’t mind. I could watch him concentrate on something all day, I love that little pout! In an attempt to gain a glimpse of those illusive little chompers I tried everything I could think of. This is more »

Gaskey Girls 50/52

Every time I talk myself out of needing a little girl, I get to do this for a day: And a little of this And then Big Sister, the cuteness factor is alarming! Having her Mama Milk