Kennedy 39/52

I really wish I could have photographed a happy baby today, I mean, just look at this sourpuss =P She is SO stinkin’ happy all the time!! Super duper adorable

Sloan is ONE! 38/52

No way is this happening. It can’t be! Wasn’t it just last week I was bemoaning the fact that I was large, whale-like and sweltering?! Sigh, I guess this day had to come. Baby, you have changed our lives in so many ways. We love you so much! Sweet, sensitive, tentative, charming, bashful and lovey. more ยป

Xander Week 37/52

Such a sweet boy

Week 36/52 Aidan and the Cows

We went to visit the Papa Bear at work this evening and on our way home we decided to stop and say hello to this little guy.

35/52 Sloan, 11 months

I knew I was wasting my time taking a cranky baby out for a first birthday shoot. THIS was the happiest face I could get out of him :/ Needless to say we’ll be trying again, but he’s still pretty cute.