I have to say, this is one of the most radiant pregnant women I have ever known. Her adorable hubby tagged along, and its a good thing! He had us all laughing hysterically! Made for some great *real* smiles! I had a blast guys. This little girl is being welcomed by some awesome parents! Aren’t more »


When my friend Taylor approached my me about doing some boudoir pictures for her, I jumped at that chance! It was so fun! Isn’t she amazing?!

Sweet Chris

His mama claims he was in a bad mood, and that he didn’t feel well. If I hadn’t been there to see him rubbing his eyes and yawning every two minutes I wouldn’t believe it! Look how sweet and happy he is! He needed a pit stop, and even then he was playing and giggling more »

Alicia and Baby Jamie

From the minute I first saw Alicia I could tell right off that she was a dancer. She’s so graceful and beautiful! I just knew I needed to photograph her! Her husband and sweet baby girl tagged along and we got some sweet moments out of them

Babywearing! 24/52

Babywearing is carrying your baby in a soft carrier against your body. Benefits include the wearer having their hands free and baby gets to be held and comforted next to mom (or dad, or other caregiver). Wrapping is as old as babies but those of us who carry our babies in these woven pieces of more »

Fun at the Beach! 23/52

I got to visit with these little ones at the beach last week, aren’t they fun?